Our New Name Is…

After receiving over 700 votes to determine our new name, and with 52.81% of the votes, we are happy to announce that the winner and new name of our amalgamated credit union is:



Stride Credit Union is more than just a place to save or borrow money. We’re a community partner who understands that reaching financial goals means having the right team at your side. One that will guide your financial journey and get you to where you’re going. Move forward with purpose with Stride Credit Union.

The name Stride Credit Union speaks to:

  • Having an optimistic view of the future
  • Being able to overcome any obstacle
  • Having a steady financial course
  • Moving forward with purpose

What’s Next?

Now that we have our name, work on developing the full identity, including but not limited to, a logo, tagline, colour scheme, styles, etc. will begin. We expect to have a final “look” come the last week of October. Then begins the process of converting all existing materials and properties over to the new look and design. We can’t wait to see what’s in store, and are super excited to start this new journey next year.